Alternate plans

Plans are great when they work...

The “Silver Bullets” decided that staying and getting over their diseases would be in their best interest. After three days they met with the leader of the Obsidian Dream. The leader looked ill, most likely due to his ship being in disrepair, he told the group the status of the repairs and his fleet. The group now had one more thing on their minds, the Delvinia.

The “Silver Bullets” took stock of their skills and decided that capture and torture were their best option, as none of them were too skilled at diplomacy. The group thought to go to the Red Dragon Inn and jump a few members of Delvinia as they came out drunk. The dwarf decided that if he drank with them he could hurry up the process, the gensai agreed that he could help.

You know how they say that no plan survives first contact. Well instead of getting them drunk, the dwarf and gensai got nice and drunk themselves. The elf decided if Plan A didn’t work then, joining the group would have to work. So after a couple of nights of playing nice with the Delvinia the group was able to meet with the boss of the organization.

The elf walked in and targeted all the targets in the room then put his bow away. The leader of the Delvinia, Tanessa, offered the group 100 gold for their information. It turned out that the information was worth a few hundred more. The leaders was not convinced of their loyalty, and she asked them to take out a small “uppity” gang, the “Black Spiders”. The group decided to take out Tanessa on her ship as to leave her no place to run and took the small job of wiping out yet another gang. They decided that what was taking out one more gang.

The party handedly took out the small band of ruffians calling themselves the “Black Spiders.” From there the party went back to sleep for the night and await their invite from Tanessa. The human mage decided that in the morning he would try to send messages to both the ship near by and the leader of the Obsidian Dream as to what they had decided to do.



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