Sewers, Disease, and Death

The group primed and ready to take on the leader of lycans, left from the house and went into the streets. The group started to make the way through the streets when they heard a voice. A woman in the sewer yelling a name, the group didn’t know what she was doing there. The group decided, begrudgingly, to see what the woman was doing in the sewer. They found a woman, who was yelling for as she put it her cat. After hearing her out the group didn’t believe her but couldn’t leave her in the sewer. So the group took the woman to the house where the kept the shifter and returned to the sewer. They were going to go after the boss, but the woman had told them of a nest in the sewer. The group decided to get rid of the reinforcements before taking on their boss. In the sewer they found wolves and a werewolf and their big brother a dire wolf. By keeping the group close together, they quickly dispatched the creatures in the sewers and chased them as the remaining creatures ran from the party’s onslaught.

The party made their way back to the house to check on the shifter, and found the shifter splayed open with exacting precision. The woman they left there was gone. The group quickly left and went to find the leader of the lycans. As the group walked up they found that the building they were going to was a very rundown church. The inside looked as rundown as the outside; the pews had been shoved to the side leaving the middle wide open. The six pillars that held up the ceiling were each adorned with a different dragon and the stopped up fountain in the front also had the same dragon motif. Standing in the middle was a Halfling who, after a short banter with the party called in his minions. The battle was long and ended with all the members of the party ending up bitten by the beasts.

The party was making its way back to their rooms, and can easily happen to see the harbor. There was a naval battle occurring there, and as the party watched, one of the ships sank, and several of the others took off for open waters, leaving only one ship behind. At about this time, Layne catches up with the party and says that Rynduil is waiting for the party – she is there to either escort them to the ship (and hence out of the city) or notify her captain that the four of you were staying in the city (at your own risk). The party decided to accept her offer and head for the ships. As you got close, you could see that the ship itself was repelling any boarding attempts. Waldamar was able to recall reading ancient stories of these ships – they were built for some ancient war, with none known to survive. They “bonded” with their captains – one of the side effects was a sort of shared HP pool – which were seen when you boarded: there was another hit on the ship, and Rynduil dropped. Layne took charge and the ship was soon out of the port (the party has not seen the captain again, yet).

It limps to another island, where you discover the Dream has its real land base in a hidden cove. One of the other ships is under repairs, but they immediately stop repairs on that one to begin work on the flagship. The party is shown to a room, and may or may not have made it to one of the beds before collapsing. (The party is given limited access to the base – we are not locked in our rooms, but there are places which are off limits to our party.)


There were only four columns, not six (as there are only 5 metallic dragons – the last was a fountain in the back).

Ikanist, the leader of the lycans, appeared to be a half-elf, not a halfling. I believe only the warlord did not get bitten – meaning that he has Moon Frenzy, but not Filth Fever (and everyone else has both).

Sewers, Disease, and Death

oops…sorry I am no good with names and I guess counting too. I didn’t know if everyone had gotten it or not so I estimated. I would like to use character names if I can help it.

Sewers, Disease, and Death

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