Shopping and Starting

Buying stuff is hard work

The “Silver Bullets” finished their work in the seaport town of Kroveport. The town decided to hire the Obsidian Dream, the Obsidian Dream decided to take protection money from the town. It was a win-win for these two groups. The group then returned Kemphiet. They spent a few days shopping in the local shops, trying to find what they needed. When they returned to the local adventure’s guild to report their mission they began looking for their next set of work. There were two tasks available to them. Gnolls had attacked a town near the jungle woods, and their was a party looking for adventures to go and retrieve an artifact. The group decided that helping people was something they held dear. Algorn put in a special request as he believes that his parents were killed by just such beasts. So off they group traveled. After a week they were able to reach a town that had recently been attacked by Gnolls. Quickly the “Silver Bullets” went about the task of fortifying the town against attack. After two days of work they then decided to track the Gnolls. On the trail the group was surprised by a small group of gnolls. The party learned quickly that gnolls work as a group and they did a good job hitting the party hard. Two archer gnolls ran and the group took a quick rest and started after them.


Name of the village is Altair. Probably doesn’t matter much, but just in case ya’ll want to remember where it was that you were sent to fight gnolls – it was Altair.

Shopping and Starting

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