Taking on the Pirates

The group decided that the pirates were the most pressing matter. Algorn thought that the group would be best served by having friends join them in this endeavor. He knew of a Warlord and a Swordmage, who he had personally worked with in the past, that were in need of work. The boat dropped them on the island, and quickly rowed away. The group got the odd impression that no one really wanted to stay in this place.

The group quickly asked around town and found many minor gangs but only 3 major gangs. There was a group that, through their questioning and the groups knowledge, was made of lycanthropes and were somehow making new lycanthropes in the area, something none of them knew was possible. There was a group that was made completely of men. The group found out that their suspicion of the leader being female was true. The last group they found was the most honorable, at least in their opinion, and sent a message to meet with its captain. The captain and the first lieutient as the group found out were shadar-kai. The group decided to use this set of bandits to stop the raids on the townsfolk.

The group stayed in a different inn after the meeting. The next morning they began their assault on the lycans. During the fight the group took a shifter hostage. They bound his hands and hung him from the ceiling, they then questioned him as to where they could find the leader and his lieutients. The shifter knew of the leaders location, but knew only that the lieutients were in the sewers. The group decided that they couldn’t kill the shifter in cold blood so they left him hanging from the ceiling. They started their trek to take on the groups leader.



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