Taking out Tanessa

She sure is pretty

All the party had left to do now was to kill Tanessa. So they boarded the ship with her and started their assault unfortunately they were unable to stop the lackey in the crows nest from signaling their assault. Waldamar kept the ship in a stinking cloud that helped to quickly mop up the crew on the ship. Tanessa attacked a couple of times dominating a few of the party members. Then when it looked like the party was going to win she dove over the side. The party searched the entire ship and only found altars to both demons and devils. Layne caught up with the party and informed them that Tanessa had the ability to fly and the party knew exactly where she would go, so they hurried Layne into taking them to shore to check on Rynduil. When the party found him he was being held by Tanessa and looked completely dominated. She offered them a large sum of gold to just walk away. “The Silver Bullets” would have none of that as they were to hold up their bargain with Rynduil. So they started their assault against her and she shifted her form to match that of a Succubus and then called in a few imps to aid her. After a slug fest the party started to turn the tide and Tanessa fled to Rynduil’s ship and lit it on fire. The party began to put the fire out and then resumed their assault on Tanessa. With a final arrow from Algorn’s bow she was dead. Bjorn found a Demagorgan tattoo on her while inspecting to see if the deadly succubus was dead. The group found it odd that a Devil would be in league with Demons. The group decided to rest and raid the Delrivna hoards after their rest. It seemed like their work was finally done.



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