The Gnolls of Altair

Now full of gnoll goodness...

The “Silver Bullets” were tracking through the woods when something strange happened. The tracks of the ones they followed in stopped and paused and waited for a large set of tracks that moved through the area. The large set of tracks more made a hole in the woods rather than tracked in the woods. The large set of tracks were headed right for the woods. So the party decided to go and help the town.

The group found what was causing the tracks, a demon-crazed gnoll. Him along with 3 hyenas peeled off the attack force and took on the party. This demon-crazed gnoll danced around the battle-field attacking the party and taking them to their limit. The party barely survived, their friend the swordmage, didn’t make it out alive. The party then limped back to Altair on the brink of death. During the fight, Bjorn noticed that the town had a cleric using attacks to kill off the Hyenas that attacked it. So as Bjorn fostered this divine connection, the rest of the party returned to Kemphiet to raise their friend.

Upon their return the party again tracked through the woods and found the gnoll village. From here the group decided that acting like they were a big threat was a good idea. They told the gnoll leader to leave Altair alone, the gnoll leader agreed to do so for one year.

From here the party returned to Kemphiet and got ready to set out to retrieve an ancient artifact.


I seem to recall that those not trained in Religion realized that there was a divine caster in the village, where as those trained did not. Afterwards, Bjorn understood what was happening, however.

It should be noted that his castings were only part cleric – there were some hints of other divine attacks as well. However, when it’s all over, Eiji is a fledgling cleric of Correllon (Larethian).

The Gnolls of Altair

Sorry I just figured that it worked in this case to bend the truth of what happened. Who is sending us to go get the Artifact? Where is the location? What use to be at the site? Why does someone want the item? Is there a reward for the item? What can people tell us about the site (creature wise)?

The Gnolls of Altair

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