Rats, Ooze, and Kruthiks

Crude stairs lead to a natural cavern. Rats scurry about at the edge of the light. One “brave” rat attempts to take a bite out of Morgrun, and promptly is squished. The scent of carrion now in the area, the other rats descend. They meet the same fate as the first – and things are going well. Until a slimey blob enters the light.

The Ochre Jelly attacks, splitting as it nears death. Afterwards, some time is spent prestidigitating the rat guts and slime off weapons and armour.

Following the cavern, the next cave holds a strange wall with small tunnels carved through it. Shortly after the group’s arrival, strange looking bugs – almost skeletal like – exit these tunnels and attack. These baby kruthiks are happy to swarm whomever they can.

As the party begins to fight their way through these nusances, Bjorn discovers another hazard of the area – a pit. Down he tumbles, but Waldamar quickly has him back out.

Meanwhile, Mama kruthik and her older children show, nipping at the fringes. As the first of the older children falls (as well as the last baby), the bugs begin to retreat. The party is in hot pursuit. Turning the corner, they see the large bugs ahead, and charge. Or try to – Bjorn falls prey to another pit trap. He remains at the bottom for several rounds, unable to climb out (not for lack of trying), while his two companions continue to mop up the remaining bugs – taking out both of the remaining children.

Waldamar finally takes pity on the dwarf, sending down a rope. Meanwhile, Morgurn charges the mother. Bjorn, with the help of the rope, finally makes it out of his pit and joins Morgurn in a dance around her. As they close in for the final blow, Morgurn discovers one last pit trap which she had been luring them towards. Bjorn quickly dispatches this queen, and turns to head back for the rope. Rather than waiting, Morgurn effortlessly leaps out of the pit.



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