Alia leads a sect of devil-worshipers, specifically Asmodeus. She is fully aware of her sect’s evil nature – she herself is LE, after all. To that end, however, she seeks to make sure that they are making as few waves as possible. Sure, they’ll always get blamed for things that go wrong, but she hopes to mitigate some of that.

Many of their sacrifices are either members of their Church (willing volunteers) or are criminals facing a death sentence anyways. The few times they have needed children of any type, they look to the hills or the darker parts of town where children are abandoned by their parents. Some may say this is cruel – after all, that child could have been saved and raised by another. Her counterpoint is that by doing this, they are not kidnapping children who do have homes.

But she prefers to use adults for that reason.

After hearing of the cleric Eiji’s death via sacrifice, she herself has gone to the encampment to determine who killed him (one thing she has always stressed is not killing any of the divine – they are too rare).


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