Devon Stauhl


Devon Stauhl is a professor of arcane history at the wizarding college. He is sometimes described as an airhead – he knows quite a bit, but he is easily distracted. He used to love going into the field to conduct his own research, as he believed strongly that primary sources (such as they were) held the best information. Not to say that others couldn’t conduct field research as well as he could, he just did not trust them as much.

However, a recent run in with some cultists while investigating old dragon bones has – at least temporarily – kept him more interested in remaining at home.

Devon is well-known as a scatter-brain. Often he will get caught up in his research and lose track of time.

Selador, who was part of the party who rescued him from the cultists, has returned to Kemphiet and become his assistant.

Devon Stauhl

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