Leader of Night's Star


Mother to Rynduil and his brother Gareth. She led the Night’s Star with an iron fist. Fearing that her gang would fall into another hands, she wanted an heir.

Thus she met the human Brenden. She plied him with drugs and alcohol, to keep him “manageable”. She was surprised to end up with twins, but rather happy – two would ensure that one would be suitable.

She began to train the two boys in the arts of being a rogue, intending to groom one to be her second in command and heir. She treated them harshly, having wanted a daughter, but did not favour one over the other.

When Rynduil left for Zeron’s crew, she was angered. She took out her anger on the remaining boy, as he reminded her of his brother’s betrayal (even though the two were not identical). She cast him out of Night’s Star very soon afterwards, wanting to start fresh. She would not have the chance, as several crews banded together and took her out. Night’s Star fell apart with her death (as is normal in Kroveport). The sons were briefly sought after, to ensure her legacy did not rise again, but the search dissipated after no sign of Night’s Star rising again showed within a week.


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