Leader/Captain of the Obsidian Dream


Leads the raider crew known as the Obsidian Dream. Rynduil worked his way up from the cabin boy on the ship, deciding the moment he came aboard her that he would be her lord and captain. Despite being able to take over “lesser” ships (like the Mara Jade), he kept his eyes on the “prize”, and his seeming loyalty was rewarded with advancement through the ranks.

The death of her previous capt was a mystery – and there is no way to tell if Rynduil was in fact responsible for the death. But he took over command, and has not relinquished it (that was a number of years ago). He has spent much of that time consolidating his power and strengthening the crew.

Of interesting note is the relation between captain and ship. The Obsidian Dream is one of the last relics of an ancient war – a “living” ship, bound to Rynduil. The exact nature of this bond is only known to Rynduil himself, however elements of it can be seen as heavy damage to one is mirrored in the other.


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