Zombies and Skeletons

After beating the goblin chieftan, the group retreats to town. There, they find people cowering inside their wall. It seems that undead had been seen in the area (Or as baker Tomas Caulder said ‘the dead ain’t s’pposed t’ be movin’. That just ain’t natural. And things that ain’t natural, ain’t good.’ ) After a good night’s rest and a promise to help the villagers, the party sets out for the graveyard (the tip: “They’re undead. Where else would Undead hang out?” )

The battle goes quickly, and the woman who was leading the undead – an elf named Ninian – was apprehended. A pass phrase was found on her.

Returning to the keep, the party descends down a short flight of stairs. They enter a series of interconnected halls. At a few of the intersections, they find some odd glyphs. Avoiding the glyphs temporarily, they run into some zombies. Killing the zombies, they proceed to investigate the glyphs. Neither Bjorn nor Waldemar have any idea what the thing is, though a memory of it is stirred when Bjorn activates it. It begins to scream. Bjorn, the stalwart dwarf, and Waldemar, the fearless wizard, both stand firm, but Morgrun, the Genasi warlord, flees in terror. The other two follow to a hall of sarcophagi.

Slowly they proceed down the hall. Near the end, they are brought to a sudden hault as the numerous sarcophigi slam open, disgorge a skeleton, and slam shut again. In the following frenetic battle, it takes everything the three have to work against the tide of seemingly never ending skeletons. Finally, the onslaught subsides, allowing them to catch their breath and examine the silver glow at the end, by the massive double doors.

There are two alters to Bahamut, which the party only finds of passing interest – until the sarcophagi start spitting out skeletons again. In desperation, Waldemar pleads with Bahamut to stop the skeletons – and they retreat back to thier coffins.

Up to this point

Selador, Bjorn, and Morgrim set out from Kemphiet in search of the missing wizarding professor Devon Stauhl. Surviving attacks from kobolds, they discover the professor at what seemed to be ancient dragon bones. He was being held by cultists. (One of the guard drakes seemed intent upon chewing on Bjorn’s gauntlet, which he decides is adorable. Instead of killing it, he keeps it. It now lives in a cage, with his Moradin-emblazoned gauntlet.)

The group, after teaming up with a dragonborn rogue, head out to defeat what they believe was the centre of the cult’s operation. However, the searching the goblin leader of the kobolds, they discover that the true cult was operating out of the nearby keep.

The wizard Waldemar shows up in Winterhaven at this point, on a mission from his arcane history professor Devon Stauhl – he wants a map of the keep. Waldemar meets up with the others and they set off for the Keep.

The goblins only seem to prove minor hindrances. Selador receives a message and departs just after the party manages to take out the goblin cheiftan. In the process, Bjorn picks up another guard drake. This one, however, only gets his plain gauntlet.

While mopping up the last of the goblins, the party finds an imprisoned goblin named Splug. Splug is very happy to help his rescuers, in any way he can. At first he just hangs back behind them, but lately he’s shown that he has some ability in combat.

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