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Up to this point

Selador, Bjorn, and Morgrim set out from Kemphiet in search of the missing wizarding professor Devon Stauhl. Surviving attacks from kobolds, they discover the professor at what seemed to be ancient dragon bones. He was being held by cultists. (One of the guard drakes seemed intent upon chewing on Bjorn’s gauntlet, which he decides is adorable. Instead of killing it, he keeps it. It now lives in a cage, with his Moradin-emblazoned gauntlet.)

The group, after teaming up with a dragonborn rogue, head out to defeat what they believe was the centre of the cult’s operation. However, the searching the goblin leader of the kobolds, they discover that the true cult was operating out of the nearby keep.

The wizard Waldemar shows up in Winterhaven at this point, on a mission from his arcane history professor Devon Stauhl – he wants a map of the keep. Waldemar meets up with the others and they set off for the Keep.

The goblins only seem to prove minor hindrances. Selador receives a message and departs just after the party manages to take out the goblin cheiftan. In the process, Bjorn picks up another guard drake. This one, however, only gets his plain gauntlet.

While mopping up the last of the goblins, the party finds an imprisoned goblin named Splug. Splug is very happy to help his rescuers, in any way he can. At first he just hangs back behind them, but lately he’s shown that he has some ability in combat.

Zombies and Skeletons

After beating the goblin chieftan, the group retreats to town. There, they find people cowering inside their wall. It seems that undead had been seen in the area (Or as baker Tomas Caulder said ‘the dead ain’t s’pposed t’ be movin’. That just ain’t natural. And things that ain’t natural, ain’t good.’ ) After a good night’s rest and a promise to help the villagers, the party sets out for the graveyard (the tip: “They’re undead. Where else would Undead hang out?” )

The battle goes quickly, and the woman who was leading the undead – an elf named Ninian – was apprehended. A pass phrase was found on her.

Returning to the keep, the party descends down a short flight of stairs. They enter a series of interconnected halls. At a few of the intersections, they find some odd glyphs. Avoiding the glyphs temporarily, they run into some zombies. Killing the zombies, they proceed to investigate the glyphs. Neither Bjorn nor Waldemar have any idea what the thing is, though a memory of it is stirred when Bjorn activates it. It begins to scream. Bjorn, the stalwart dwarf, and Waldemar, the fearless wizard, both stand firm, but Morgrun, the Genasi warlord, flees in terror. The other two follow to a hall of sarcophagi.

Slowly they proceed down the hall. Near the end, they are brought to a sudden hault as the numerous sarcophigi slam open, disgorge a skeleton, and slam shut again. In the following frenetic battle, it takes everything the three have to work against the tide of seemingly never ending skeletons. Finally, the onslaught subsides, allowing them to catch their breath and examine the silver glow at the end, by the massive double doors.

There are two alters to Bahamut, which the party only finds of passing interest – until the sarcophagi start spitting out skeletons again. In desperation, Waldemar pleads with Bahamut to stop the skeletons – and they retreat back to thier coffins.

A "Knight" To Remember

After dealing with the skeletal guardians, the next room only holds a single sarcaphagus. The trio waits a moment, but nothing happens. They cautiously approach – still nothing happens. It is not until they open it (well, Morgurn and Bjorn open it) that a skeletal knight appears. He carries a large hammer – it is the ghost of Sir Keegan, the former castle lord.

He explained his sad story and how he can never be forgiven. He beseeches the party to help – upon their agreement, he bequeaths his hammer Aecris to them.

Rats, Ooze, and Kruthiks

Crude stairs lead to a natural cavern. Rats scurry about at the edge of the light. One “brave” rat attempts to take a bite out of Morgrun, and promptly is squished. The scent of carrion now in the area, the other rats descend. They meet the same fate as the first – and things are going well. Until a slimey blob enters the light.

The Ochre Jelly attacks, splitting as it nears death. Afterwards, some time is spent prestidigitating the rat guts and slime off weapons and armour.

Following the cavern, the next cave holds a strange wall with small tunnels carved through it. Shortly after the group’s arrival, strange looking bugs – almost skeletal like – exit these tunnels and attack. These baby kruthiks are happy to swarm whomever they can.

As the party begins to fight their way through these nusances, Bjorn discovers another hazard of the area – a pit. Down he tumbles, but Waldamar quickly has him back out.

Meanwhile, Mama kruthik and her older children show, nipping at the fringes. As the first of the older children falls (as well as the last baby), the bugs begin to retreat. The party is in hot pursuit. Turning the corner, they see the large bugs ahead, and charge. Or try to – Bjorn falls prey to another pit trap. He remains at the bottom for several rounds, unable to climb out (not for lack of trying), while his two companions continue to mop up the remaining bugs – taking out both of the remaining children.

Waldamar finally takes pity on the dwarf, sending down a rope. Meanwhile, Morgurn charges the mother. Bjorn, with the help of the rope, finally makes it out of his pit and joins Morgurn in a dance around her. As they close in for the final blow, Morgurn discovers one last pit trap which she had been luring them towards. Bjorn quickly dispatches this queen, and turns to head back for the rope. Rather than waiting, Morgurn effortlessly leaps out of the pit.

The Blue Slime

As they explored the keep ruins, they find a door. On the door someone had written “Keep out. Really.” Being the adventurers they are, they open the door. Inside the room is a large pool. In the pool is – surprisingly – a large blue slime. It proceeds to try and eat the party. And almost succeeds. The party flees, closing the door behind them. Added to the door, one writes “No, seriously. Keep out.” Bjorn then adds “We’ll be back.”

Taking on the Pirates

The group decided that the pirates were the most pressing matter. Algorn thought that the group would be best served by having friends join them in this endeavor. He knew of a Warlord and a Swordmage, who he had personally worked with in the past, that were in need of work. The boat dropped them on the island, and quickly rowed away. The group got the odd impression that no one really wanted to stay in this place.

The group quickly asked around town and found many minor gangs but only 3 major gangs. There was a group that, through their questioning and the groups knowledge, was made of lycanthropes and were somehow making new lycanthropes in the area, something none of them knew was possible. There was a group that was made completely of men. The group found out that their suspicion of the leader being female was true. The last group they found was the most honorable, at least in their opinion, and sent a message to meet with its captain. The captain and the first lieutient as the group found out were shadar-kai. The group decided to use this set of bandits to stop the raids on the townsfolk.

The group stayed in a different inn after the meeting. The next morning they began their assault on the lycans. During the fight the group took a shifter hostage. They bound his hands and hung him from the ceiling, they then questioned him as to where they could find the leader and his lieutients. The shifter knew of the leaders location, but knew only that the lieutients were in the sewers. The group decided that they couldn’t kill the shifter in cold blood so they left him hanging from the ceiling. They started their trek to take on the groups leader.

Sewers, Disease, and Death

The group primed and ready to take on the leader of lycans, left from the house and went into the streets. The group started to make the way through the streets when they heard a voice. A woman in the sewer yelling a name, the group didn’t know what she was doing there. The group decided, begrudgingly, to see what the woman was doing in the sewer. They found a woman, who was yelling for as she put it her cat. After hearing her out the group didn’t believe her but couldn’t leave her in the sewer. So the group took the woman to the house where the kept the shifter and returned to the sewer. They were going to go after the boss, but the woman had told them of a nest in the sewer. The group decided to get rid of the reinforcements before taking on their boss. In the sewer they found wolves and a werewolf and their big brother a dire wolf. By keeping the group close together, they quickly dispatched the creatures in the sewers and chased them as the remaining creatures ran from the party’s onslaught.

The party made their way back to the house to check on the shifter, and found the shifter splayed open with exacting precision. The woman they left there was gone. The group quickly left and went to find the leader of the lycans. As the group walked up they found that the building they were going to was a very rundown church. The inside looked as rundown as the outside; the pews had been shoved to the side leaving the middle wide open. The six pillars that held up the ceiling were each adorned with a different dragon and the stopped up fountain in the front also had the same dragon motif. Standing in the middle was a Halfling who, after a short banter with the party called in his minions. The battle was long and ended with all the members of the party ending up bitten by the beasts.

The party was making its way back to their rooms, and can easily happen to see the harbor. There was a naval battle occurring there, and as the party watched, one of the ships sank, and several of the others took off for open waters, leaving only one ship behind. At about this time, Layne catches up with the party and says that Rynduil is waiting for the party – she is there to either escort them to the ship (and hence out of the city) or notify her captain that the four of you were staying in the city (at your own risk). The party decided to accept her offer and head for the ships. As you got close, you could see that the ship itself was repelling any boarding attempts. Waldamar was able to recall reading ancient stories of these ships – they were built for some ancient war, with none known to survive. They “bonded” with their captains – one of the side effects was a sort of shared HP pool – which were seen when you boarded: there was another hit on the ship, and Rynduil dropped. Layne took charge and the ship was soon out of the port (the party has not seen the captain again, yet).

It limps to another island, where you discover the Dream has its real land base in a hidden cove. One of the other ships is under repairs, but they immediately stop repairs on that one to begin work on the flagship. The party is shown to a room, and may or may not have made it to one of the beds before collapsing. (The party is given limited access to the base – we are not locked in our rooms, but there are places which are off limits to our party.)

Alternate plans
Plans are great when they work...

The “Silver Bullets” decided that staying and getting over their diseases would be in their best interest. After three days they met with the leader of the Obsidian Dream. The leader looked ill, most likely due to his ship being in disrepair, he told the group the status of the repairs and his fleet. The group now had one more thing on their minds, the Delvinia.

The “Silver Bullets” took stock of their skills and decided that capture and torture were their best option, as none of them were too skilled at diplomacy. The group thought to go to the Red Dragon Inn and jump a few members of Delvinia as they came out drunk. The dwarf decided that if he drank with them he could hurry up the process, the gensai agreed that he could help.

You know how they say that no plan survives first contact. Well instead of getting them drunk, the dwarf and gensai got nice and drunk themselves. The elf decided if Plan A didn’t work then, joining the group would have to work. So after a couple of nights of playing nice with the Delvinia the group was able to meet with the boss of the organization.

The elf walked in and targeted all the targets in the room then put his bow away. The leader of the Delvinia, Tanessa, offered the group 100 gold for their information. It turned out that the information was worth a few hundred more. The leaders was not convinced of their loyalty, and she asked them to take out a small “uppity” gang, the “Black Spiders”. The group decided to take out Tanessa on her ship as to leave her no place to run and took the small job of wiping out yet another gang. They decided that what was taking out one more gang.

The party handedly took out the small band of ruffians calling themselves the “Black Spiders.” From there the party went back to sleep for the night and await their invite from Tanessa. The human mage decided that in the morning he would try to send messages to both the ship near by and the leader of the Obsidian Dream as to what they had decided to do.

Taking out Tanessa
She sure is pretty

All the party had left to do now was to kill Tanessa. So they boarded the ship with her and started their assault unfortunately they were unable to stop the lackey in the crows nest from signaling their assault. Waldamar kept the ship in a stinking cloud that helped to quickly mop up the crew on the ship. Tanessa attacked a couple of times dominating a few of the party members. Then when it looked like the party was going to win she dove over the side. The party searched the entire ship and only found altars to both demons and devils. Layne caught up with the party and informed them that Tanessa had the ability to fly and the party knew exactly where she would go, so they hurried Layne into taking them to shore to check on Rynduil. When the party found him he was being held by Tanessa and looked completely dominated. She offered them a large sum of gold to just walk away. “The Silver Bullets” would have none of that as they were to hold up their bargain with Rynduil. So they started their assault against her and she shifted her form to match that of a Succubus and then called in a few imps to aid her. After a slug fest the party started to turn the tide and Tanessa fled to Rynduil’s ship and lit it on fire. The party began to put the fire out and then resumed their assault on Tanessa. With a final arrow from Algorn’s bow she was dead. Bjorn found a Demagorgan tattoo on her while inspecting to see if the deadly succubus was dead. The group found it odd that a Devil would be in league with Demons. The group decided to rest and raid the Delrivna hoards after their rest. It seemed like their work was finally done.


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