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  • Aelestria T'nebrai

    6' 2"; 230 lbs. Horns sweep back, catlike tail, which is often in motion. Deep brown hair, solid black eyes. Wears black armour (plate), with a greatsword slung across her back - both are kept in immaculate order. 52 years; Council for 30.

  • Sariel Mylreyn

    5' 4"; 109 lbs. Lithe, dancer figure. Silver hair and eyes. Multiple silver earrings in each ear. 153 years old; Councilor for 15 years.

  • Perrin Kadi

    5' 9"; 160 lbs. Deep orange hair (with touches of yellow), brilliant green eyes, athletic build. Never seems to make a sound as he moves. 150 years; Council for 10. Reluctant member, however does his duties to his fullest ability.

  • Medrash Rathok

    6' 5"; 307 lbs. Heavy-set (powerful build) scarred. Walks with a slight rolling gait (from years on the sea). Has a blue-green sheen to his scales. 51 years; Councilor for 7.

  • Mikhal Talos

    5' 11", 160 lbs. Frailer build. Hazel eyes, formerly an auburn, now white (though rumour is that he dyes it). A fairly stereotypical wizard. 97 years; 20 on Council. Hold the "human" seat of the council, though he is of mixed blood. Also …

  • Wynneth Tornora

    For those who speak dwarven, her family name means Mytheril Soul (tech Soul of Mythril) 4' 6"; 200 lbs. Brunette; powerful build. Always in armour (plate), with at least one weapon (often more). Walks with a fighter's gait, appraises every situation …

  • Kithri Calli

    3' 4"; 79 lbs. Brown eyes, black hair. Usually keeps hair in small braids leading back into a bun. While small, has an aura of authority and command. Is rather cheerful and easygoing; likes to tell stories of her days as an adventurer. 60 years; …

  • Devon Stauhl

    Devon Stauhl is a professor of arcane history at the wizarding college. He is sometimes described as an airhead - he knows quite a bit, but he is easily distracted. He used to love going into the field to conduct his own research, as he believed …

  • Selador

    After rescuing his teacher, Devon Stauhl, Selador returned to Kemphiet, taking up his position as the professor's aide. He has a bit of a fascination with …

  • Alia

    Alia leads a sect of devil-worshipers, specifically Asmodeus. She is fully aware of her sect's evil nature - she herself is LE, after all. To that end, however, she seeks to make sure that they are making as few waves as possible. Sure, they'll always …

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